Sea Rhymes

"I know a place where the world is still, where time and space have no hold; I know a place where my heart and soul are one..." The Sea Rhymes collection is inspired by Isabella's fantasy with the ocean. Whenever she travels to the seaside, she writes a poem, such as the one above, expressing her emotions. She brings the same sense of romance to the Sea Rhymes collection. Swirling and curling lines represent the ocean in Liu's new collection of women's jewellery 'Sea Rhyme'. The curves of each work seem to embrace each bead of agate like the ocean envelopes the body. Inside each piece is a bead of agate which, when moving, is said to inspire the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore and transport the wearer to a place of tranquility.

Scar is No More a Scar II

Scar is No More a Scar II

The original collection 'Scar is No More a Scar' inspired from a dramatic and unforgettable story, which has been marked deeply in my memory and body, which was dramatic and striking. While 'Scar II' collection is dramatic yet and elegant, with larger arrange colours and intricate details. The collection has larger customer arrange, whose age from 16 to 60 years. Audiences not only appreciate intricate fine craftsmanship but also innovative wear-abilities and material combination. That is the reason that the ‘Scar II’ becomes very popular, and people appreciate it as 'true piece of art'.

Mending II

Mending II

Inspired by Japanese art of Kintsugi and her design philosophy, Isabella Liu believes that anything suffering damage has it’s potential to become more beautiful. In the ‘Mending’ collection, she has chosen to focus on broken and fragile objects, utilising narrative approaches and designs a set of ceramic tableware. Instead of hiding their damaged areas she opted to celebrate and highlight their fragility into a wearable piece of art of a sculptural form and giving them a new life. She pushes the boundary of object and jewellery. The golden crack is intended to be appreciated both on the body as a piece of jewellery as well as off within the porcelain as a piece of museum art in their own right, which engages audiences by transforming the piece. Isabella regards the design and creation of her work as a form of meditation and process of cultivation. She explores the spiritual belief by celebrating the factures of broken objects and the fragility of life. Changing our perspectives about life’s challenges, and engages with audiences mending with joy and peace, and then beauty and enlightenment can transpire from them.

Scar is No More a Scar

no more scar

There is a dramatic and unforgettable story behind my works, which has been marked deeply in my memory and body. When I was 12 years old, powerful fireworks seriously burned me. The burn caused a very embarrassing scar on my body. Upon trying to cover it with a tattooist warned me that it would be worse to cover the scar. Everyone has their scar, everyone has his or her unforgettable painful story or history, the best solution is to learn how to face it and strongly come over it rather than cover up or try to escape from it. Therefore, I want to express the dramatic pain by a beautiful way and hope people who wear my jewellery can feel stronger and more positive.

Party, Party, Party

catwalk blossom

‘Professional Collaboration ‘ - Live Project:

This project is meant to use batch production techniques and cooperate with outside agencies to finish my work. Laser cutting digital printed acetate and smartly cold connect with each unit creates strong characters of my works: transparent light acetate makes the piece beautiful and playful. smart cold connections make each unit easily break down and rebuild another jewellery. When you wear it, metals move at the piece, which adds more playful element.



When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful” – Billie Mobayedt Inspired from this Japanese philosophy and her personal experiences, Isabella Liu has chosen to closely focus on broken and fragile objects. She collected a large number of broken and abandoned objects such as barks that had fallen from trees in a cemetery, broken china from vintage markets, etc. Liu examined these items in order to discover where they were broken. Instead of hiding their damaged areas she opted to illuminate them and resultantly transforming their fragility and cracks into a real piece of art and giving them a new life. Isabella regards the creation processes of jewellery as a method of self-cultivation. She recognizes the cracks and fragilities of life and is able to transform injuries and imperfections into beauty. In the ‘Mending’ collection, she presents this inspirational and hopeful belief that by changing our thinking about life’s injuries and by mending them with joy and peace, beauty and illumination can transpire from them.

When I got Lost...

Renewable Energy Sources

In ‘When I Get Lost…’, Isabella Liu aims to create a piece of jewellery that guides an individual’s emotional direction when they get lost. Empowering them when they find themselves lost in life, helping them to come over their fear of loss, and encouraging them to feel secure and safe. Her works are imbued with her emotionally beautiful ideals concerning both artistry in design, and excellence in craftsmanship. Isabella believes in the essential similarities across people’s emotional experiences, and draws upon a narrative approach to her artwork in which her own personal life experiences are expressed in such a way as to encourage audiences to relate to her work and draw inspiration from solidarity. Her work is intended to be appreciated both on the body as well as off. It may be hung on the wall or placed on a desk, serving both as pieces of jewellery and as pieces of museum art in their own right.

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

Nature disasters have been seen as situations that create challenges and problems mainly of a humanitarian nature. When human are trying to conquer nature, nature always strike a powerful counterblow.
There is no end in fighting with each other.
However, there is only one solution for that. We have to respect mother nature, appreciate what she has given to us, and make most use of it by holding her in the greatest esteem.
Therefore, I try to speak this concept by my jewellery necklace. The cold concrete metal to present busy city. The recycled plastics represent a environmental friendly attitude towards nature from human. When we holder mother nature in the greatest esteem, we are supported by the endless inheritance from nature, she provides an endless bounty of alternative energy sources beyond those that we use today. those lovely pylons symbolize that. we start living in a harmonious environment. So the necklace is spinning forever by the power suppler, implies that human and nature work well together.

ID Afterlife

ID Afterlife

I think voice is an abstract way to show people’s characters, imply their backgrounds and improve access to their individual data. I create jewelry that can keep your ancestors’ personal data by recording their voice and you can rediscover this conveniently in anytime you want by hearing the voice. What’s more, the data that you keep can help you find your lost relatives or the person has same ancestor with you.
The necklace records your personal data by recording your voice vibration from your throat. Each unit symbolizes one of your family members in the history, they solidly connect like a family tree. Intricate details are beautifully engraved on each unit, which implies person’s voice vibration. The lovely pendent hangs down the necklace, you can take it off anytime and wear it as your earring whenever you want to hear voice and find out people’s data.
The jewelry is beautifully designed in an antique phone shape with modern function. I hope wearer can feel the sentimental value from their ancestors’ heirloom, and the consideration from my design.

Branduaer Project - Birmingham Its People Its History

Branduaer Project

‘Birmingham It’s People, It‘s History’

My inspiration for the design of the piece that I created comes from old architectures around Birmingham, combining intricate details with industrial materials - Something I believe to be a synergy with the history of Brandauer. In my jewellery. I hope that the audiences can feel the antique style and can appreciate the intricate and numerous pen images representing the history of Brandauer pen evolution from historical and traditional styles through modern times.

Wave Collection

Golden Waves

‘Golden Waves’ - Water Series

Water is always very changeable. It can be clam and serene or majestic and troubled. I explored the temper, plasticity and variability side of water. The brooch is layered by hundreds of different heights and thicknesses and various textures of paper. Each lay is hand clipped and layered. In result, when you wear it, audiences will appreciate the dynamic from different angles.

‘After the Rain a Clear Autumn Night’ - Water Series

The inspiration is from an ancient Chinese poem ‘ Stars and Moon on the Yangtse’. I incorporate traditional elements of Chinese jewellery into contemporary design. Imagery of a clear autumn night after a period of big rain, in combination with the shape of traditional Chinese style. Water and rain are described through selected materials - silver, jade, paper. When you wear it, it looks like a soft gentle girl is whispering by your ears.

Birth and Death

Birth death

‘ Birth ’ always brings happiness to life, ‘ Death’ always brings too much sadness to people. I explore the ultimate topic about human life. My inspiration is from unity of sperms and eggs. You can feel totally different statements about life in my jewellery. When you physically see and touch it, the front not only looks bright but also feel vigorous and smooth. The back side is lifelessly dull colored and rough texture. The necklace is meant to be worn on belly-button, where female start her pregnancy.



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