We established our jewellery consultancy business in 2016, as we have huge privilege in cultural deference understanding, professional knowledge and perfect connections in the trade. Our mission is to increase understandings and forge links between European and Chinese jewellery industry. We develop collaborations between the UK and China crossing various sectors in jewellery trade, including designs, productions, cooperates, educations and governmental organizations. We strengthen our network by building up relationships with Chinese and European jewellery businesses as well as government bodies. Our focus is on helping both European and Chinese companies and organizations finding suitable partners and business opportunities.



Isabella as a key bridge, working together with Suzhou Function Group as sole distributor in China, leading more than ten top international brands from the US, Italy, France, the U.K. Germany, Australia to China, and bridging dialogues in creativity and businesses. Those including America top giant Effy, world leader in gold craftsmanship Annamaria Cammilli from Italy, world gemstone queen Milor Opal from Australia.



"I draw particular attention to strong leadership of Isabella's creative practice in bridging otherwise separate practices (ceramics, and silver and goldsmithery), artistic and business contexts, and cultural perspectives (Britain and China)." - Dr Nick Wilson, internationally recognised scholar, Department Education Lead and DEC Chair at King’s College London




Isabella Liu: Founder and creative director of Isabella Liu Design Studio

Gordon Hamme:
 Chairman of Festival of Silver, British Silver Week. PHD at Edinburgh University.



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