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A piece of handcrafted jewellery is the most precious of things – be it an engagement ring, your personal DNA jewellery or the remodelling of your family’s heirlooms. Our exquisite craftsmanship skills, hand in hand with a Treasure Trove of the finest gemstones, will create beautiful pieces of jewellery for you and those you cherish – your heirlooms for the future.

Our bespoke jewellery is accessibly affordable - a fair reflection of the time, effort, expertise and materials that deliver the realisation of your pieces. You will receive an accurate quote that is in line with your budget. Here's how it works:

Initial consultation – no charge
Design process - £150 deposit redeemable against final purchase
Prior to making - 50% deposit redeemable against final amount
Hand over - remaining balance to be paid

Bespoke with Isabella Liu is a very special, personal and memorable experience.


We provide design, production development services alongside of marketing strategies for innovative jewellery, lifestyle accessories and arts and design pieces for corporate gifting and organisational projects.