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The legendary festival, celebrating the best of UK and International music and arts, came to a close on 12th July. At the helm was Stewart Collins, Artistic Director for the past 24 years.


On the 3rd day of the festival, Minister Ni Jian of the Chinese Embassy in the UK and his wife attended the festival by invitation. Accompanied by John Smith, Chairman of Henley Festival, and Stewart Collins, they visited the Chinese Arts Exhibition and exchanged their thoughts on music, arts and China-Britain cultural exchange. 


Jewellery designer, Isabelle Liu, a multiple awards winner, is the youngest artist to enter the festival. Isabella’s design is a breakthrough in contemporary jewellery design and sculpture, combining her unique style, rich in philosophy and emotion. 


Known as the Jewellery Oscars winner, Isabella was awarded 3 golds and 2 silvers at the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards, known as The Jewellery Oscars. Isabella’s work drew in the crowds at the festival and is a personal favourite of Stewart Collins. Also an admirer is festival chairman, BBC Director of Operations and non-executive director at Burberry, John Smith and his wife, Mrs. Smith, who made a special trip after the attending the musical performance to purchase a pendent from of Isabella’s collection – “Scar is No More a Scar”